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  1. Verkaufe FS450 2016

    What is the reason you are selling completely new one
  2. 2017er Honda CRF 450 Bilder und Infos

    UFO is coming
  3. CP Carillo Pleuel CRF 450 R6

    tokyomods.com is the way you can have it.
  4. Piece of shit for green pussies
  5. Honda Crf 450 2013-2016 Anti-Hopping Kupplung

    Are you satisfied with Suter?
  6. doc!!! this should be your avatar
  7. You are speaking about this and this but not saying what next. I feel big changes is coming
  8. DALI!!! what you will going to do??
  9. Brunhild 5.0 der Name ist Programm

    120 for it nothing critical if it doesn't ran at complete race mode. From pictures looks pretty well, but of course pictures time to time lies
  10. Brunhild 5.0 der Name ist Programm

    why are you going to dismantle it
  11. 2013 CRF450R supermoto conversion

    If I was an air filter, this is what I'd be seeing looking at the engine And finally, after blessing her with a bunch of holes in the side panels and getting rid of the airbox lid, she is ready for a test ride. Thanks to everyone who has been paying attention / giving valuable advice / cheering / saying good stuff. The actual dyno test is pending, not so easy to schedule it. When it is available I will make sure to post the results but the build is done for now, but she will get even more upgrades as the next season comes! Stay in touch.

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