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  1. 5.5 Zoll in Crf 450 2009

    To my opinion I am seeing three things. One of them positive and it means cooler look. Other one’s negative only. First negative - even if you'll solve all clearance issues the gap between tire edge and swing-arm inner face became so thin that every rubber overlay from race track will start to stucking wheel. This is just example of season last race when one of TM racer faced with such problem. We all were curious, stucking was so significant that you even cant spin wheel by pushing a bike forward. Other negative - Tire size is a problem. All knows that cross section profile of the tire is the key of speed at corners. To be on right profile you'll have to go with one step up wider tire and you'll face with a first problem.
  2. CRF 450 06 "Honrilia" € 3900,-

    yeh messing with wheels swap at race day especially when weather changing all the time is pain in the ass with regular swingarm.
  3. CRF 450 06 "Honrilia" € 3900,-

    Did you noticed any rideability gain with aprilia swing??
  4. 2013 CRF450R supermoto conversion

    Thanks! I will have to snap some pics in the sun for you! Regarding news, well the new bike is a blast. Handling-wise it is a bit similar to the 2008 model in the sense that it likes to turn in the same fashion - easy to get it bite into the corner and even easier to grind the footpegs against the asphalt to generate sparks. Power-wise this is something unseen from the red team. The engine is completely worked over and will now deliver the performance in stock that other bikes did with heavy mods. The low rpm power is good, midrange is crazy and high rpm is impressive. Overall I think it's a killer bike for supermoto.
  5. 2013 CRF450R supermoto conversion

    Hey mate! The CDI is a piece of American hardware called PE3-SP000. It is fully programmable and has nothing in common with the stock map in Keihin CDI. It has been a great learning experience to map it and now with the new exhaust header I am going to have to re-map it all over again. It now wants more fuel down low, even at idle speed. But once it is done, this setup should be a killer.
  6. 2013 CRF450R supermoto conversion

    Hey guys! Check out some of the upgrades that have been done to this bike recently. A couple of years ago it was taken to a dyno and delivered 60 hp to the wheel. At only 8000 RPM... This seemed a bit off for the given setup so I started to look for the "missing power". What I discovered - if any of you are using the AIR4ORCE short runner, go back to stock airboot. As soon as I did, it picked up loads and loads of power up top. I also designed and built an experimental header design to put emphasis on mid and top range. After all that, the injector started to max out so now this bad boy is running staged injectors! Slide-show below!
  7. Safety Guards

    As I am not a youngster anymore any track trauma remain three times longer than before. Some safety guards are definitely necessary more than before but from other side I don't like be as RoboCop with restricted movements. So I would be glad to hear your opinion about ORTEMA products. How good they are, how safely they absorbs impacts and so on. At the moment I am looking at X-pants, GP5 knee guards and GP3 elbow guards. What you can suggest.
  8. "DO(H)C" Edition, Klappe die Zweite... =)

    Mhmmm looks sweet
  9. Honda CRF Supermoto Bilder

    right choice
  10. Motorbremse Ja/Nein?

    Don' t think so, he comes from superbike' s to SM before about 20 years
  11. Motorbremse Ja/Nein?

    Just my opinion in case of term engine brake. The presence of an engine brake has its advantages and disadvantages. I've have been ran with an 4t supermoto with installed rekluse auto clutch. I would say that this is something like hybrid version between 4t and 2t. At deep corners I definitely liked this feeling when nothing keep bike to move ahead, and bike really felt like 2t. At such moments I was a bit faster than really fast riders in front of me. But, after long speed lane on next deep turn lack of engine brake is really noticeable because it results that I had to start braking earlier, because brakes are only tool with which you can cut speed. Finally my conclusion would be about 60/40 between to have engine braking ability or haven't it. If you comparing 4t with an 2t, then 2t don't have engine braking force at all, but 2t has brilliant advantage as less weight. Through what to operate with an engine brake , slipper or regular clutch, that’s the next question. They both ensure enough engine braking force. Some guys like regular , some slipper. For example one local very fast TM rider said that he is riding with an regular clutch only. To my question, why, he said "I can do quicker start". So, it depends on.....
  12. Fahrtechnik

    If you are familiar with an English then this according to my opinion is one of the best simple tutorial.
  13. Verkaufe FS450 2016

    What is the reason you are selling completely new one
  14. 2017er Honda CRF 450 Bilder und Infos

    UFO is coming

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