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  1. Yes I have. In orange, black and blue.
  2. Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha triple clamps now available in black.
  3. Sorry for late reply but Beringer parts are long gone as this is old thread. We switched to VMX brake kits as they offer superior "value for money". VMX/Frando brake kits are available and you can find better pictures and prices on this thread:
  4. We just received new shippment and brake kits are available again. Adapters available for KTM/Husqvarna, Honda and Yamaha. Triple clamp now on stock in blue, black and orange. Fitment all KTM models and 2014-> Husqvarna's. Triple clamps for Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha available in July.
  5. Suche SuMo Radsatz KTM/Husqvarna

    Sorry for replying in english but my Germany is very bad. I build supermoto and mx wheels professionally for race drivers here in Finland. If you want 16,5" front I assume you are planning to use your bike for track days so I would highly recommend 5" wide rear instead of 4,5". None of today's race tires that I know are designed really for 4,5" rear. Standard wheel set for Husqvarna TE 300 2016 (3,5x16,5" front / 5x17" rear) prices start from 700€. Tubeless wheel set for Husqvarna TE 300 2016 (3,5x16,5" front / 5x17" rear) prices start from 765€.
  6. Suche Bremszange 450 SMR

    100mm bolt hole spacing, 30mm offset. Offers similar performance as Beringer and you can use Aerotec brake pads. Brake caliper costs 250€.
  7. Out of curiosity what bike is that? Looks TM front wheel but forks look similar to old Husqvarna. I would still guess TM as I think TM had similar caliper fitting holes? Your adapter looks very nice. Good craftmanship. It seems very few can make this stuff now days. With your skills it will be easy change of design. Keep up the good work. Cheers
  8. At the moment we only have axial to radial adapter for KTM/Husqvarna but CRF and YZF adapters are being developed. I think they will be available in May or June.
  9. Same factory that builds SM Pro wheels manufactures VMX products. We have not tested rim strength ourselves because SM Pro did it already but we have done some comparison against Alpina. Rims are tested to be equal strength or actually 1,5% stronger than best Excel A60. On scales Alpina tubeless was found little heavier (139grams) than basic VMX race wheel with heavier spokes and nipples. With light weight spokes and nipples VMX top race wheel is even more lighter (278grams) than Alpina.
  10. On these pictures top are Beringer 1200 pads (I think they are R2 race pads) and bottom ones are SBS 841 RSI. Reason we use those SBS RSI pads is easy mod and very reasonable price. Beringer race pads cost over 50€/pair. You can find SBS 841 RSI for roughly half of that around 25€/pair. It takes few minutes to modify and you can get 2 pairs of awesome grip pads for same price as 1 pair of Beringer pads. 1 good option is GoldFren pads. Number is 276 and you should choose GP5, GP6 or GP7. AD and S3 are street pads on GoldFren line up. Of course if you are loaded with cash then why bother. You can always just buy Beringer top line pads and that is it, but I just want to let other drivers who are struggling with their budget to know that you can be competitive even if you can't afford the big brands.
  11. You can use any pads that are for Beringer Aerotec. Our race team guys use SBS 841 RSI pads. They are actually made for Beringer FTE caliper but can easily be modified to VMX fitting but easiest way is to use Beringer pads or for example GoldFren 276 pads (GP5 and GP6 are good race pads). Caliper is 250€.
  12. I agree with Connader. I don't seem to be able to attach the picture I took today but most likely you need to machine caliper like you have done with your Brembo or you need to machine your fork leg mount.
  13. Caliper has 4 x 32mm pistons. At the moment we use stainless steel pistons like Beringer but we are developing titanium pistons. We already use titanium bolts and that is why our caliper is about 80grams lighter than Beringer Aerotec 4-piston caliper. I am not sure about radial distance of Magura caliper. Could you send me a picture, please. I will take a picture of my own bike tomorrow so we can compare. I had a Brembo calipe ron my old KTM SMR that was originally made for Magura and then I just shaved of few millimeters of radial mount to make it fit but better to check first.
  14. Few of my friends and I have total of 50+ years of experience on supermoto and during these years we have got sick of supermoto parts being so expensive. Some years ago we started developing and testing our own line of supermoto race parts and today we are co-operating with VMX CNC-factory. We can supply following race parts: Wheels Front: 3,5x17" / 3,5x16,5" / 3,5x16" Rear: 4,25x17" / 5x17" Brakes Master cylinder (2 models, race and street) Steel reinforced brake hose Radial caliper (100mm bolt holes) Axial/Radial caliper adapter (at the moment only for KTM/Husqvarnagtfr, but summer 2017 for Honda and Yamaha too) 320mm and 310mm floating rotors (at the moment 320mm for KTM/Husqvarna and Japanese bikes, 310mm only for KTM/Husqvarna) Triple Clamps Race Clamps for KTM/Husqvarna (summer 2017 for Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha) Handlebar protectors All parts are developed and tested in co-operation with fastest Finnish supermoto riders without compromises. Handlebar protectors are made of aircraft grade 6061 aluminium for increased strength. Triple clamps are 16mm wider and 30mm taller than stock. Steering head angle is 2,2 degrees steeper and offset is 15,5mm. With wider clamps it is good to use longer axle, wider axle spacers and brake disc spacer. These spacers and axle are available from me as well but you can also buy them as Husqvarna FS oem parts directly from your local dealer. Brake kit offers similar piston and lever ratios to Beringer so feel is very similar. Caliper takes Beringer Aerotec 4-piston pads. Wheels are measured to be slightly lighter than Alpina yet rims are stronger than Excel A60. www.vmx-racing.com is mostly oriented to street supermoto parts and even we share some parts, race line is a product of it's own. Race line is based on non-commercial purposes and they are race products for race drivers from a race driver. If you want to make your street bike handle better these are right products for you too. As non-commercial origin these products can only be bought from me and prices are set only to cover manufacturing costs so it would be possible for everyone to build true race ready supermoto bike for reasonable price. Race wheel prices start from 700€ / wheel set. Multiple color options. Brake kits (master cylinder, brake hose, caliper) start from 390€ and 490€. 320mm discs are same as street discs 110€. 310mm race disc 150€. Axial/Radial adapter 70€. Calipers are hard anodized and it will always leave them dark grey color. Master cylinders in black only. Adapters will be available most likely only on silver. Race Triple Clamps 350€. Orange, black and blue available. Handlebar protectors 50€. Only black available. Our race team has a contract with Italian EVR CTS slipper cluthes as well so I can provide full race ready supermoto build kit if needed. You need to have your suspension set up at local workshop though but other than that we offer race ready kit. I am a race driver myself and I am trying to offer top quality race parts for reasonable price for us everyday riders who can't afford to buy big brands. If admin finds this ad inappropriate for this forum I apologise and will remove it as soon as possible.

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