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Supermono and good vibrations

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Hello folks!

It was quite a while since an update, but still I can see some visitors coming from this site, to my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Massegossen

Some of you might know of my project, which involves complete frame build and a billet cylinder head with an EFI from Megasquirt. Somewhere in the middle there is still a little something with Husaberg stamps on. ;)

The relatively high power (88 RWHP out of 680cc) consumed main bearings after max 5-6 hours causing havoc in the crankcase. So, I put in double row spherical roller bearings to cope with the tumbling effect of the crank shaft (appr. 0,5 deg). You can see the preps in this video: 


Then I had some problems with leaking of coolant, wich was difficult to find. I had to trouble shoot that in a very profound manner:


Then there were some other issues with collar bones  and such, but the tricky challenge was vibrations that came when I had to remove the counter balancer. The rear shock broke 4 times and all kinds of cables and brackets broke from the vibrations.  I tested 3 different balance ratios, but none were any good. So now I'm adding a counter balance shaft again, in another position. All CAD files are now sent for machining, but here is a short video presentation of the new counter balancer design:



I hope you enjoy my videos and I wish you all a Happy Easter!

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Hey Mats, I’m always excited to watch how you challenge your odyssey with the engine, your Channel isn’t forgotten ;) . I guess a counter balancer is a must at a certain degree; for example those Yamaha 660 engines in all their configs also run better with a balancer suited to the different weight ratios regarding their crank mass than throwing it out.

When hearing this backgroundmusic I‘m always thinking of some tinkering minions/oompa loompas....

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