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    Thanks for the reply. Yes i keep hearing that there are a lot of faults with the SWM . That is a shame really because the bike is so good looking , plus they are the only manufacturer that builds an SM straight out of the factory specificaly for the road. What i dont understand is how they have so many problems considering that the bike is 80-90% husky , and as far as can gather they were very relible and had a very good reputation. Dosent really make sense . i really cant be bothered to purchase a trails bike and then spend more money converting it from a trails to a SM. I might wait a year or so and see if the big jap manufacturers decide to manufacture an "out of the factory" SM. A bike desighned for the road , something dedicated for road use only. Why they havent moved in this direction already is beyond me . SMs have such a following!. Suzuki DRZ would be perfect for updating - 500cc , 6 speed , fuel injection , 55bhp , alloy chassis , modern electrics , larger fuel tank , greater top speed , more miles to the tank and updated looks. DRZ has such a good reputation for relibilty.
  2. Romperstomper


    ye 110 - 115 mph would be perfect top speed for your average SM , or that would suit me and many others lol. fuel tank range is a lttle on the low side , looking for a minium of 110 miles , that would be perfect . looking into buying SWM , top speed is fine , but the fuel milage is terrible . been told they do an average of 30mpg , when the likes of other SMs are pushing 40 - 45 mpg . think this maybe SWMs let down , apart from that the SWM is near perfect . how long have you had yours? . been told there are a few faults and teathing problems . have you had any major problems? , and how many miles have you clocked. cheers again.
  3. Romperstomper


    Hello. Can anyone tell me the tank range on the 500 sm and the top speed . thank you.
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