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  1. Yamaha R1 2017 jagen Yamaha R1M2016
  2. Still waiting for the Quickshifter... Until there, leave you a little teaser [video=youtube;D2n8SStVd34]
  3. Little update: - Already have the new lambda Sensor and the engine light turned off. - Have now 15k and no more problems appeared. - Ordered this week the translogic Quickshifter. some photos and my last video, "Summer Season" hope you like [video=youtube;Hl_X6zzd3hE]
  4. thanks sindbad#493 now it have 11500km but recently the engine light turn on and i passed in dealer. they said that one sensor was broken. (not a big trouble) It would be cool to do a track day. but i dont have one close to me Leave my last spring video [video=youtube;6pJgLlCkEm8] and some photos:
  5. Hi, Last Summer i bought new ducati Hypermotard 821 SP and so far i have 8000km without problems. sure must of you heard about snowcat hypermotard problems...until now i don´t have anything to complain about mine. Leave you my presenting video [video=youtube;uEkaBh0Mx0Y] Pushing to the limits: [video=youtube;NfAy5JDrhVk] hope you like it
  6. Der Unterschied zwischen dem Modell 2013 und 2015 gestartet ist nur Dekoration. Aus meiner Sicht gab es wenig oder nichts zu verbessern. Suspensionen gut, gute Fahrposition , gute Bremsen , leistungsstarker Motor .
  7. Präsentiert neue Ducati Hypermotard SP 821 [video=youtube_share;uEkaBh0Mx0Y]
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