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  1. haha, what do you mean?
  2. this was just a tought i had if my motor blew up once again, so i will most likely not do it, but it seemed like a fun idea. All the restrictions are out so im running right now with about 36-38 hp at the wheel.
  3. The thing is that i only have a licence for 125cc bikes (a1), so i want to have a bike that goes much faster than my friends that has ktm exc 125 and husqvarna wr 125! But i am thinking about selling it and buying a different 2 stroke 125cc
  4. Hello there! You can delete this post if you want to since im writing in english, but i hope you guys can understand! So, i have a Tm smr 125 2007 and have had some problems with my engine. I am wondering if any of you guys know if it is hard to but a bigger tm engine in the smr 125 frame? I was thinking about a 250 or 300 cc engine. It would have been so nice to have a bigger engine that acctually works in my bike so that i can have alot more power when i ride! Thanks for your awnser! Greetings from Norway video-1522086293.mp4
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