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2013 CRF450R supermoto conversion

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Sorry for the hold-back guys.

Continuing on the assembly!







The second major investment - Xceldyne valvetrain:

- single-piece titanium valves

- titanium retainers

- heavy-duty valvesprings

- berillium-copper valveseats

- bronze valveguides

Why Xceldayne?

- Brilliant lifespan / weight proportion. This becomes critical for those who plan on keeping the engine in the upper rev range.

- Excellent thermal conductivity

- Minimal wear. Xceldyne does not fail even after lapping the valves. Valve lash is practically frozen in time. Except for cases where oil changes have been skipped. We have used this setup on 2008 CRF and have never adjusted the valve lash or discovered any abnormalities in the valvetrain that would soon indicate the end of it.


A few weight comparisons:









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Custom camshaft from WebCam - third greatest investment from "cashflow" standpoint.

I have to admit the existing (modified OEM) cam profile is very good which is only further supported by the simulations, but we shall replace it anyways because of the following reasons.

- as explained previously, the aggressive lobes posess noteworthy self-destructing properties (they wear out very fast). This is probably because the hard layer of the lobes was grinded away. The consequences were clearly visible.

- The aggressive profile is very hard on the valves and rockers, decreasing the life span of seats, guides and retainers.

- Great risk of valve float at higher RPMs.

- The dyno curve must be suited for supermoto, producing linear pull that peaks almost at the top of RPM range.

By using the simulation data we chose the valve lift, duration and centerlines to reach the desired goal. We then had to choose from a list of available WebCams grinds to find the closest match and specify the centerlines.

If we were to order our own grind, the costs would double. Props to Laurie@webcamshafts.com, the communication was excellent!

To be honest, this is not the most powerful cam at all, there are a lot more grinds that require larger diameter followers and due to the massive overlap will be hard to start and idle. The costs will of course skyrocket for setups like those. But the cam we order shall combine the best from all worlds - easy starting, fair idle, not the best but very great power up top.

We also order 2008 style cam gear with slots to mess around with retard/advance if needed.





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Continuing on the assembly, first to measure the required shim thicknesses.



Setting the adjustable APE cam gear to 0 deg advance.


To make sure of the valve-to-piston clearance we are using a mechanical and rather simple method.




Clearance passed!






And engine complete.


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If I was an air filter, this is what I'd be seeing looking at the engine :)


And finally, after blessing her with a bunch of holes in the side panels and getting rid of the airbox lid, she is ready for a test ride.



Thanks to everyone who has been paying attention / giving valuable advice / cheering / saying good stuff.

The actual dyno test is pending, not so easy to schedule it. When it is available I will make sure to post the results but the build is done for now, but she will get even more upgrades as the next season comes! Stay in touch.

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Hey guys! Check out some of the upgrades that have been done to this bike recently. A couple of years ago it was taken to a dyno and delivered 60 hp to the wheel. At only 8000 RPM... This seemed a bit off for the given setup so I started to look for the "missing power". What I discovered - if any of you are using the AIR4ORCE short runner, go back to stock airboot. As soon as I did, it picked up loads and loads of power up top. I also designed and built an experimental header design to put emphasis on mid and top range. After all that, the injector started to max out so now this bad boy is running staged injectors! B|

Slide-show below!














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vor 17 Stunden schrieb dr.-hasenbein:

Hey Karlis :P


Well nice to see !!! B|  Any change to the CDI ? 


Hey mate!


The CDI is a piece of American hardware called PE3-SP000. It is fully programmable and has nothing in common with the stock map in Keihin CDI. It has been a great learning experience to map it and now with the new exhaust header I am going to have to re-map it all over again. It now wants more fuel down low, even at idle speed. But once it is done, this setup should be a killer. B|

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Guest Connader

WTF is a CDI?? It's 2018, so can we please get rid of carburator's "before WW2" - terms and use "ECU"?!? :dali:




@ Andis: Awesome craftmanship, Mate, my full respect for that!! :top:


What about some news+pics of the newer bike? :boobies:

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I will have to snap some pics in the sun for you! :)

Regarding news, well the new bike is a blast. Handling-wise it is a bit similar to the 2008 model in the sense that it likes to turn in the same fashion - easy to get it bite into the corner and even easier to grind the footpegs against the asphalt to generate sparks. Power-wise this is something unseen from the red team. The engine is completely worked over and will now deliver the performance in stock that other bikes did with heavy mods. The low rpm power is good, midrange is crazy and high rpm is impressive. Overall I think it's a killer bike for supermoto.

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