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  1. do you closing your supermoto action?
  2. Surfaces, welds and planes processed for assembly in the jig.
  3. Preparing for swing arms shortening - cutting: Simple tape helps a lot .
  4. Always wanted to see what's inside
  5. Next , brackets weld residues removal. I use air-drive mill grinder
  6. Swing work. Brackets off.
  7. Lego parts from laser cutters workshop received.
  8. So everything is scanned and planes found to make a jig which helps to keep swing at right position.
  9. Yeahh that is the THING , very usable thing. Thanks a lot to Dali for his advice. I didn't know such mod before. Made it last spring.
  10. Scanning process to detect precise planes position.
  11. Chasing after tenths of second = DIY swing shortening. After long period of reflection, discussions with guys who already are on shorter swings I decided to go for it. Connader is one of such advisers 😎. I've to say, such thoughts born many years ago already, but somehow I was not brave enough to perform DIY short swing. And so i decided to go for shortening only and relocation of brake and chain guide brackets to fit them with offset sprocket. Swing space widening wasn't in schedule. According to my opinion this wont give any benefice excluding more space to don warmers. Anyway bottleneck to pull out wheel is gap between right swing arm and chain main bracket. So, everything became dismantled and prepared for doing digimath.
  12. Perfect compromise gloves for me, very elastic as MX with basic protection. Free and tireless movements are the most important for me. I don't like leather gloves unnecessary resistance emptying your power bank. https://www.planet-knox.com/product/orsa-or3-mx-gloves/
  13. That is the right one, works well. Made already more then 10 wheels kit, no issues at all. Key thing is proper valve sealing.
  14. I'm already about four seasons on Qstarz 6000. It has 10 Hz frequent what means that gadget communicates with satellites 10 times per second. For speed range what SM can reach at regular cart track it is enough. For me it is nice gadget which shows for me braking start points and speeds at every track point. To my opinion to see perfectly precise lines with 10 Hz is too less as well frequent is too less for speeds over 150 km/h. Everything what is below 10Hz is very unprecise. I no idea what frequent use regular smartphone but I believe that maximum they can support is about 2.5Hz. What anyone me is interface with Chinese logic, this is something strange. The same nightmare is with data processing software on PC. But view you can get by data processing is brilliant in-spite at Chinese logic. If I would have to choose nowadays I would stop on Qstarz 1000GT. Bluetooth connection smart phone app would be very usable combination to analyze all important things between every heat.
  15. Cool explanation over dual brake system advantages 🤝
  16. I am already 4 years on GS rims, no claims, both are converted to tubeless. Riding asphalt only, no jumps. Only bad thing is that GS rims outer edges itself doesn't have ideal circle shape, this requires a bit more efforts to skillful rim builders. I believe main volume of well known brand rims comes from China anyway, including GS.
  17. Just for compare, how looks 13 Hot Rod product VS 17 OEM product Both are completely new.
  18. For those who wants to see how it looks internally.
  19. EU market is something understandable , because crank at EU is about 850-900 Eur instead off ~ 240 Eur in US. I can't find any argue why I have to bye it in EU market.
  20. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/honda/13000-mke-a00/b4297263?m=158991&sch=993322 I got form partzilla for 260, whole crank.
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