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  1. on what gearing are u?
  2. Before I and my practice mates tried several budget warmers (racefox holroad etc), first of all it is matter of your health. All those products in a price range between 100 to 200 Eur are waste of money. Ok, twice times per season they would be reasonable, this is the only argument. Better spent more on the right product. Once you will start to be on track once per week or every second week cheap ones will made problems definitely. Now I am on Capit, no issues with fitment, temperature holding, no broken cables and switches etc and surprises that you realize at second corner that tire is not warm enough.
  3. I'm confident this will be empty game, but everyone does as it does
  4. Hotcams are cheap solution foreseen for "average Joe". ECU works wont give nothing, only expectation. If you want to have more top-end power only solution is different camshaft + porting work + different header. There are not 5 bucks solution to bring it to higher level. Don't be kidding yourself.
  5. Unfortunately, I no longer keep it active, but flowpro itself keeps going on.
  6. Husqvarna FS450 2018, bought new at official dealer "Motorsports". Bike completely prepared for the upcoming Supermoto competition season. Rider has been take part at Baltic Supermoto Championship S4 class (Asphalt only). 82 running hours totally , piston swap at 50 hours. Owner got backbone injury before month ago. The injury is not related to motorsport, but forced to stop doing motorsport. This spring he did three practices only. Mods: - Revalved and serviced suspension (last winter) - Engine head porting work (within piston swap) - Mapping (within piston swap) - Slip on muffler mod, new packing (last winter) - Shortened swingarm (last winter) - New Faora triple tree (winter before last winter) - New Beringer top race brake kit (last winter) - New SPF shifter (last winter) Additions comes together with bike: - Spare rear wheel with brake disc and sprocket attached - OEM triple tree - OEM front axle - OEM front brake kit (master, caliper, hose, brake disc) - Couple bike stands + rear axle side stand - Couple used tire kits for practice - New Metzeller K1 tire kit - Tire warmers - Engine oils + filters Selling price 7500 Eur EXW My two cents on it.
  7. Used Beringer - TOP-RACE KIT HONDA CRF250-450R 2004-2014: - Master cylinder - BRO12 (#2 leaver) - Axial 6pot caliper - H15A CRF250-450 (2004-2014) - Aeronal cast iron brake disc - H8LGF Honda CRF250-450 (2004 +) New floaters kit, custom made hub stronger and lighter than Beringer original. - Brake pads – KIT1100R02 + KIT1100S about 15% wear PRICE 850 EUR shipped.
  8. Will you going to make legs yourself? Would like to see with pleasure
  9. Niiice.... will it be weld jointed or with plugs?
  10. Final touch to the swing, before owner will get it back.
  11. Wuallaa, back from welding shop, still in the Jig.
  12. Well , weld edges are shaped and everything fitted in to jig. Assembly ready to travel to welding shop.
  13. No, no, welding must do by Pro who doing it daily, only so is possible to ensure top quality. Other words to say not everyone can be Jeweler.
  14. Loading next. Once swing grind and adjustments is done putting it together in the jig. Last touch before welding is to shape the edges of the weld joint.
  15. No, and no necessary because: - wall thickness is thick enough - welds are close as possible to the brackets - welds are long and curved with different length at each side what means they don't overstress each other
  16. As swing match perfect with jig is time to start cutting job to shorten it. Here we go, brackets off.
  17. Well, need to assemble the jig to see how digital replicant match with actual material part
  18. while waiting for the jig parts laser cut gave a bath for swing
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