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  1. Just for compare, how looks 13 Hot Rod product VS 17 OEM product Both are completely new.
  2. For those who wants to see how it looks internally.
  3. EU market is something understandable , because crank at EU is about 850-900 Eur instead off ~ 240 Eur in US. I can't find any argue why I have to bye it in EU market.
  4. https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/honda/13000-mke-a00/b4297263?m=158991&sch=993322 I got form partzilla for 260, whole crank.
  5. Both are OEM. Right one has some history. Unfortunately 17 + doesn't have aftermarkets jet, but as the new one OEM costs 260$ only this isn't an issue at all.
  6. Oem crank halves casing and processing quality visually could be better.
  7. Treasure box. And Work bin.
  8. FCR MX not at all possible. FCR somehow is possible but not MX.
  9. Yes, you have to have ACV unit itself and suitable throttle valve unit with necessary openings. You have to search for DRZ virgin FCR carb, they comes with ACV. some models of FCR MX already comes with built in
  10. And now pay attention to crankshafts necks. Roller side itself doesn't much surprise excluding huge wear. In video you can hear knocking, it describe how big this wear is. By the way knock test was done with oil film on parts. But ball bearing (right side) seat place looks very interesting. Didn't seen such meltdown before and this makes me wondering, what was the reason.
  11. Only carb with ACV circuit. FCR
  12. Yes, oil is open issue.
  13. Alright, both video's are at vimeo.
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